Strip Coaching is when a fencing coach provides input or direction during the idle time in a bout (idle means between “halt” and “fence”), during the one-minute breaks, or in-between bouts. The breaks in or between bouts are a time for fencers to rest or rethink strategy. The coach’s feedback might be one simple word to remind the fencer of something discussed in training or a complete change in strategy.

Local – Tournaments, which are considered tournament within 50 miles of AFFA will cost $40 per fencer for the first event per day and an extra $10 for an additional event the same day.

Super Youth Circuit – Tournaments, which are regional tournaments that give national points and are required for qualification to Summer Nationals. There is an $80 per event flat fee.

North American Cups/Nationals – National tournaments provide athletes with the most exposure to the highest level of competition and allows them to obtain national point and ranking. There is a $130 flat fee per event.

Domestic Coaching Fees Per Event

Event Price Per Event
Local $40 (+$10 additional in same day)
SYC $80
NAC/ National $130


International – The tournaments allow fencers to not only represent AFFA but also our country. This gives the fencers an opportunity to gain world points and ranking as well as national points and a chance to qualify for a National Team.

Cost will include $250 per fencer per day of competition and a $50 fee for days of travel and/or a Team Event competition.  Hotel, airfare and ground transportation expenses will be divided by the number of events per fencers total.