Congratulations to Kaito Streets for m becoming the 2017 Japan National Champion 🏆 this Sunday in Tokyo. Kaito fenced amazingly against many very strong opponents and scored a splendid stop cut on the championship point (2nd pic). He was passed on a 70 years old Trophy that he has to add a ribbon to and return for next year’s championship. As a professional fencer, it is a milestone in his career that he couldn’t have reached without the amazing support he has from his friends and family. This conclude an amazing weekend for AFFA earning 2 Gold medals 🥇(Portland, OR & Tokyo, Japan) & one Bronze 🥉 (Dormagen, Germany) on 3 différent continents. #tokyo2020 #teamjapan @ Komazawa Olympic Park

Congratulations to Maia Chamberlin on winning 🥉 at the Junior World Cup in Dormagen, Germany. Great weekend for AFFA competing around the world.


Fencing is one of the only four sports to be included in every modern Olympic Games, since the first in 1896. Fencing was also a sport in the original Olympic Games in ancient Greece. The tip of the fencing weapon is the second fastest moving object in sport; the first is the marksman’s bullet.



The sport of fencing is a uniquely classic sport. Fencing develops discipline, balance, coordination, and sportsmanship. It helps youth develop quicker reflexes and the ability to make fast analyses of tactical situations which transfer to problem solving skills. Mentally it is mind consuming, allowing not a moments break earning its nickname “Physical Chess”.

Fencing is a great channel for COLLEGE acceptance and athletics scholarships to the top universities around the country.